Visclosky Announces Endorsement of Frank Mrvan

Gary, IN - Today, incumbent Member of Congress Pete Visclosky announced his endorsement of Frank Mrvan to serve as Indiana’s First Congressional District Representative. Below is Congressman Visclosky’s statement.

It is my honor to endorse Frank Mrvan to serve as Representative for Indiana’s First Congressional District. I will vote for Frank Mrvan and I encourage every voter to support Frank for U.S. Congress in the primary election.

Trustee Mrvan has a proven track record that shows he has the character and the necessary skills to successfully represent all of Northwest Indiana in Congress.

As the proud son of State Senator Frank and Jean Mrvan, his values of respect, integrity, and honesty were formed growing up in the Hessville neighborhood of Hammond.

Mr. Mrvan has proven throughout his career to be one of the most sincere, decent, and honorable individuals I have ever met. Further, he demonstrated a steadfast dedication to Northwest Indiana in every project I have worked with him on. Whether to support veterans, workforce training opportunities, housing assistance, and programs to benefit the most vulnerable in our society, including children and the elderly, Frank Mrvan has been tireless and selfless.

Frank is uniquely qualified to excel as a Member of Congress. He is naturally an empathetic listener who is proactive in his approach to understand the concerns of any individual or organization. He is untiring in building coalitions through a spirit of cooperation. He easily earns the respect of his colleagues and partners through his transparent, genuine, and open manner. His achievements in collaboration are testament to the fact that others know him to be an honest broker and a truly dedicated public servant. Never has he been focused on himself - his actions have always been for the betterment of others.

It is easy to see Frank’s priorities include his support for organized labor. I am proud to have attended labor events, rallies, protests, and memorial ceremonies throughout Northwest Indiana during my service as a Member of Congress, and Frank has been alongside me and union members the whole time. He knows that organized labor is the foundation of Northwest Indiana’s economy because he has walked the lines, spent time in union halls, and stood with labor his entire career. Frank Mrvan supports unions - not just with rhetoric, but with action.

I know that Frank Mrvan will fight with each breath and every fiber of his being to further collaborate and implement his vision for the next transformational initiatives that will bring the people of Northwest Indiana together in order to grow our regional economy, create more good-paying jobs, and improve our quality of place.