Supporting the Education of Next Generation of Northwest Indiana Workers

Pete wants every child in Northwest Indiana to have the skill set to be prepared for the 21st Century economy.  That is why Pete has supported grants for early childhood education in Northwest Indiana through the Head Start program, voted for legislation to increase Title I funding, and voted to reduce the federal role in standardized testing.  Pete is also focused on ensuring that every student has the ability to pursue higher education or training, and has consistently supported funding for Pell Grants, TRIO programs, apprenticeship trainings, and efforts to lower interest rates on existing student loan debt.  

Sarah S., Valparaiso, Indiana

I endorse Pete because he has always stood up for domestic steel and the jobs it provides in NW Indiana.

Royce H., Crown Point, Indiana

I endorse Pete because I think he is the man for the working middle class!

Sam B., Crown Point, Indiana

I endorse Pete because he is always concerned with the interests of constituents and ever mindful of the need for industry and housing to grow in Lake/Porter County. He frequently has town hall meetings in the communities he serves and gets the opinions and concerns of his constituents and always weighs the bill proposal before voting.

Karen R., Portage, Indiana

I endorse Pete because he stands for us common middle class people...

Richard M., Dyer, Indiana

I endorse Pete because he has performed precisely as he said he would in1984 when first seeking and winning this office against enormous odds... He consistently protects our district and its varied interests without seeking the light of cameras like so many pretenders in similar positions. He continues to be the same humble man I met years ago while working on Adam Benjamin's early campaigns. The highest compliment I can pay to Pete is... Adam would be proud. As I certainly am as well.

Deborah S., Hammond, Indiana

I endorse Pete because he's kind and compassionate. He cares about the State in which he lives. Indiana!!

Jeff V., Dyer, Indiana

I endorse Pete because he has worked tirelessly through the years fighting for our Veterans, the steel industry and all of the people in the First Congressional District of Indiana. It is my honor and my privilege to have Pete representing us in Washington.

Steve T., Chesterton, Indiana

I endorse Pete because Pete Visclosky is the hardest working man I know for the hard working hoosiers of NWI.