Patricia W., Valparaiso, Indiana

I endorse Pete because he is the most ethical politician I know. He is honest and always listens to the voice of the people who put him in office. He works hard to support the steelworkers and other hard-working people in his district. He cares about the environment and protecting our beautiful Indiana Dunes. He is never too busy to listen to the people in his district and is transparent in his undertakings. I will always endorse Pete! I think all of the above speak to why he has held his position as Congressman.

Danielle V., Michigan City, Indiana

I endorse Pete because he shows profound support for unions and the environment.

Steve T., Chesterton, Indiana

I endorse Pete because he is a strong region leader, who protects the rights of all hard working Hoosiers.

Jo-Ann W., Crown Point, Indiana

As a retired educator of 33 years in Northwest Indiana, I fully endorse Pete Visclosky in continuing to be our U.S. House of Representative of the First Congressional District of Indiana! He has worked tirelessly on our behalf for many years now and know he will continue to do so as he leads our district in new economic growth in manufacturing and technology, continue to make inroads in our economic and transportation infrastructure, improve access to our lakeshore, and continue to support and defend American steelworkers.

Karen K., Dyer, Indiana

I endorse Pete because he has already done a good job for us. 

Dolores F., Merrillville, Indiana

I endorse Pete because I feel Pete Visclosky is a good man. He will do what he can to help you out.

Bonnie R., Wheatfield, Indiana

I endorse Pete because he is all for the people he represents, can get in touch anytime, and he and staff will get back to you. Pete is what a Congressman is supposed to be, taking care of business for the people he represents.

John P., Merrillville, Indiana

I endorse Pete because his sincerity and commitment to public service is genuine. I have known Pete for years. Pete all the way!!!

Supporting the Education of Next Generation of Northwest Indiana Workers

Pete wants every child in Northwest Indiana to have the skill set to be prepared for the 21st Century economy.  That is why Pete has supported grants for early childhood education in Northwest Indiana through the Head Start program, voted for legislation to increase Title I funding, and voted to reduce the federal role in standardized testing.  Pete is also focused on ensuring that every student has the ability to pursue higher education or training, and has consistently supported funding for Pell Grants, TRIO programs, apprenticeship trainings, and efforts to lower interest rates on existing student loan debt.