Charles L., Michigan City, Indiana

I endorse Pete because he watches out for the working person!

Lisa L., Highland, Indiana

I endorse Pete because Pete will tell it like it is. Even if that is not what you want to hear. No smoke and mirrors. The only Politian I support, like and trust!

Patricia C., Chesterton, Indiana

I endorse Pete because I had the opportunity and pleasure to meet Pete during his very first campaign and have supported him in a variety of ways for 30 years.... He is, I believe, a thoughtful person who lives by his ethics/convictions/values. He has consistently worked to better our region. It is my honor to be able to consider him not only my Representative to Congress, but as a friend as well!!!!!! Therefore, I hereby pledge to once again work for his reelection.

Mitchell S., Crown Point, Indiana

I endorse Pete because he goes out and works for us, the residents of his congressional district. His work on the side of the steel industry workers is what a Congressman is susposed to do..

Randy G., Hobart, Indiana

I endorse Pete because he has always been for the middle class. I have watched how he has voted on different issues over the years, and he is the hardest working Congressman in the US, would make a great President!

Jim M., Gary, Indiana

I endorse Pete because he has always worked extremely hard to address the problems facing his constituents, especially on the problems facing the steel industry caused by illegal dumping, environmental, and quality of life issues.

Andrew S., Merrillville, Indiana

I endorse Pete because he gets the job done correctly and efficiently. Always helpful to all people. We are very fortunate to have a man like Peter to look after our welfare in our cities and Towns in N/W Indiana and the U.S.A. as a Nation. "A very responsive people person!"

Tom M., Monee, Illinois

I endorse Pete because he has done an exceptional job in NWI for working men and women.