Visclosky tours Michigan City programs

The Michigan City News-Dispatch

MICHIGAN CITY — U.S. Congressman Pete Visclosky, D-Indiana, was in Michigan City on Wednesday, visiting various organizations within the area.

Visclosky represents Indiana's 1st Congressional district in the House of Representatives.

Visclosky began the day visiting Head Start of La Porte County. He met with leaders of Head Start at Niemann Elementary to discuss issues facing the organization. Following the meeting, Visclosky read childrens books to a group of students.

“Head Start is a federally funded program,” said Child Care Consortium founder and President Janice Katz. “Congress makes decisions about funding levels. We just feel it's really important to express our gratitude to Congressman Visclosky and his colleagues, and also to show him what the federal dollars are bringing to this community in terms of benefits to children and families.”

After spending time at Head Start, Visclosky stopped by Artspace Uptown Artist Lofts in downtown Michigan City. Visclosky was given a tour of the complex before heading to Safe Harbor to tour the after school programs offered by the entity at Edgewood Elementary School in Michigan City.

“I just wanted to stay in touch, and also see some of the programs that I think are vital to growing the economy in Northwest Indiana,” Visclosky said. “I started out in Michigan City at the Head Start Program, I had the delightful opportunity to read to some young people, but also talk about that program, so our young people can get the right start.”

Visclosky added that he also spent the day discussing economic issues facing La Porte County, including the South Shore Line's Double Tracking Project.

“I had other opportunities just to talk about the economic development in La Porte County,” he said. “Particularly Michigan City but also La Porte, primarily an emphasis on the South Shore and that investment and success.”

Visclosky also added that he is committed to the economic growth of La Porte County, and programs such as Head Start and Safe Harbor.
“We are making sure we are going to have a workforce, peopled with individuals who have the skills that can take advantage of what I am convinced is going to be a growing economy and good paying jobs.”

Visclosky also added that he could not be more excited about the educational efforts being made to educate young people within La Porte County.
“I'm here to try thank the people who are volunteering, who are working at programs to try to help give every young person a good education, and create those skills that we are going to need.”