Visclosky’s Buy America Amendment Approved By House Appropriations Committee

Indiana 105

First District Democratic Congressman Pete Visclosky’s Buy America Amendment to the Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 Interior Appropriations Act was approved today by the House Appropriations Committee. The amendment strikes provisions that would have weakened Buy America requirements for projects receiving funding through the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Drinking Water State Revolving Fund. Specifically, the amendment removed provisions that would have potentially permitted certain imported slab and finished iron and steel products to meet Buy America requirements.

Congressman Visclosky stated, “The steel industry is the economic foundation of the Northwest Indiana economy, and it is imperative that American taxpayer dollars are required to be spent in a way that directly supports American workers and the American steel and manufacturing industries. I appreciate the action taken today by the House Appropriations Committee to recognize the dignity of American workers, and I will continue to do my best to support the invaluable contributions of the American steel industry to our national economy and our national security.”

The amendment was approved by voice vote. The FY 2019 Interior Appropriations Act, including the Buy America amendment, was approved by the House Appropriations Committee. The measure is currently awaiting consideration by the full House of Representatives.

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