• Support Our Troops and Veterans

    As Chairman of the Defense Subcommittee, Pete works to ensure that all our military personnel are as safe and effective in the performance of their duties as possible and that they have the economic opportunities and services they have earned when they return to civilian life. Pete also supports critical improvements to the Veteran’s Administration to reduce the unacceptable claims backlog by increasing staffing and streamlining claim processes.

  • Standing up for Steel

    As a life-long resident of Northwest Indiana, Pete Visclosky understands the steel industry is vital to America’s economic strength. As a member of the Congressional Steel Caucus, Pete leads efforts to ensure that our steelworkers are able to continue to make the best steel in the world. In order to improve our domestic manufacturing industry, he has secured federal funding to invest in industrial technology advancements to ensure our domestic producers are energy efficient and more profitable. He also worked with federal, state, and local governments to dredge the Indiana Harbor Ship Canal to improve the transportation network that our industries rely on to supply their customers. Additionally, he fought to require the Department of Defense to use 100% American-made steel in the construction of all of our military tanks, vehicles, and equipment.

  • Revitalizing the Lake Michigan Shoreline

    The Marquette Plan began as a simple concept with three basic principles - to recapture 75 percent of the shoreline for public use, to have a minimum setback of 200 feet from the shoreline, and a continuous trail from the State Line to the City of Portage. Working with the local elected officials, industry, environmental organizations, and labor leaders of our five lakefront communities - Whiting, Hammond, East Chicago, Gary, and Portage - and the State of Indiana through the Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority, Pete has leveraged local funding to secure federal funding necessary to unlock one of our greatest assets here in the region and provide more public access to Lake Michigan.

  • Invest in Our Local Transportation Infrastructure

    Improving and expanding the South Shore Rail Line is an essential step in building a strong economy in Northwest Indiana.  Pete has worked with NICTD and local communities to make capital investments to enhance the existing service. Faster and reliable service is what passengers demand and deserve.  Pete has consistently worked to support efforts to acquire new rail cars, make signaling improvements, and replace 100 year-old wires that power the South Shore Line.  Not only do these infrastructure improvements reduce commuting time and improve on-time performance, but they create immediate jobs in our region.  Pete continues to support the extension of the South Shore Rail Line to other communities in Northwest Indiana. Expanding the line will create new jobs in Northwest Indiana, increase economic opportunities locally, and enhance our access to markets and jobs in Chicago, while strengthening the existing line viability for future generations of Northwest Indiana residents.

  • Ensure Seniors Receive the Benefits They Deserve

    Pete believes that current and future generations of workers deserve stable, predictable Social Security and Medicare benefits, and that retirees should receive the benefits they have earned.

  • Fight against Unfair Trade

    Pete takes every opportunity to defend American manufacturing by fighting against unfair trade practices and unfair trade agreements. From testifying before the International Trade Commission to opposing trade promotion authority legislation, Pete works tirelessly to stop unfair trade.  Pete believes that American workers and American steel producers are the best in the world. He fights each and every day for legislation to crack down on countries like China, who dump illegally-subsidized steel into our markets, and manipulate their currency at the peril of our domestic manufacturers.

  • Keep Our Communities Safe

    As a leader in supporting our local police officers and protecting the citizens of Northwest Indiana, Pete promotes initiatives to ensure that law enforcement officials have the tools they need to keep themselves safe and our communities secure.  After learning that police officers did not have funding to purchase bulletproof vests, and that they were combating criminals who were wearing bulletproof vests, Pete took decisive action to create the federal Bulletproof Vest Partnership Grant Program.  This program helps local law enforcement departments purchase life-saving protective vests for their officers. Further, Pete is a strong advocate of the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area that provides federal resources to support Lake and Porter County police departments to combat regional threats to our communities.