Personal Endorsements

  • I endorse Pete because he's a great Congressman!

  • I endorse Pete because I am a retired steelworker; Pete has always supported steel. He shares my views on social issues and has always been very helpful when I needed something.

  • I endorse Pete because he supports and understands the working class here in the Region!

  • I endorse Pete because he is always willing to listen to the concerns of his constituents.

  • I endorse Pete because he has always been in support of HR bills that have the communities and transportation workers best interest in mind. As a Union Officer for SMART Transportation Division Union Local 1381 Hammond he will always have my support. Local 1381 has always appreciated you attending our local meetings and keeping the membership informed about Railroad Transportation bills that affect working men and women in NWI.

  • I endorse Pete because he has always been a friend to Letter Carriers.

  • I endorse Pete because he is a committed advocate for Northwest Indiana. He is always ready to listen and help where he can.

  • I endorse Pete because I have worked with Pete for many many years on our Credit Union and Mill issues. I am proud to say that we are and have been friends for many many years. Have put his signs in my yard and other supporters yards for years. Will do it again.

  • I endorse Pete because he always has working families in mind when he represents us. Speaking for the clerical workforce at Nipsco - USW Local 13796 - we have become so used to him being on our side that we rarely even contact him. That also means that we don't thank him nearly enough, so THANK YOU PETE for everything you do for our members and for our families!

  • I endorse Pete because personally and professionally, Pete Visclosky is the best!!! Myself, my family and my friends all support Pete and you should, too ! Re-Elect Pete Visclosky, for U.S. Congress!!

  • I endorse Pete because he is a proven leader and a dedicated public servant who truly cares about the future of northwest Indiana.

  • We endorse Pete because of his tireless work for NW IN, steel, and especially the unions. There has never been an elected official who works harder for our needs than Pete Visclosky!!

  • I endorse Pete because of his integrity.

  • I endorse Pete because he has worked tirelessly to keep the district, state, and nation strong, prosperous, and free. His congressional office is one of the best in the nation with a staff that doggedly seeks to resolve constituency issues that are brought to their attention. Most importantly Pete has pursued policies that have allowed the people of the First Congressional District, which includes my family and friends, to have good and flourishing lives. I support Pete and encourage all voters in the First Congressional District to reelect him and him back to Washington to do the people's work.

  • I endorse Pete because he is the most reputable and reliable public servant, I have elected!

  • I endorse Pete because he has helped in supporting & bringing jobs, grants, & forwarding the growth in NW Indiana.

  • I endorse Pete because he has been a longtime protector of Union Jobs in steel, oil and manufacturing. As a former union representative, I feel he is well-positioned to represent our First Congressional District.

  • I endorse Pete because he is the greatest and he shows he cares! 

  • I have endorsed Pete ever since his first campaign. I can't thank him enough for the hard and tireless work he has done for the steelworkers of this region and the nation!

  • I endorse Pete because because he understands what is important to working families and fights for them. He knows that economies thrive when working people spend money, and he tries to hard to keep good paying jobs in the region.

  • I endorse Pete because of all he does for the working class!!!

  • I endorse Pete because he is always fighting for us and the middle class.

  • I endorse Pete because he has alway stood up for Steelworkers in the area. Thanks Pete!

Organization and Union Endorsements